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María Busta Rosales

Guisandera and chef at Casa Eutimio (Lastres, Asturias, Spain)

The future generation of cooks in Asturias seems to be on a healthy track, and this is borne out by the continuity of emblematic enterprises such as Casa Eutimio.

The story of many "guisanderas" is the story of a family. This is the case of María Busta Rosales, who has taken over from her parents at Casa Eutimio. In 1964 her parents decided to earn a living by opening a restaurant, and in 2008 María and her brother Rafael took over from them in the kitchen and on the restaurant floor respectively.

A Member of the “Guisanderas” Club, María also studied at the catering school in Gijón and Casa Fermín. María forms part of a new generation, which is respectful with tradition, but is also qualified and takes the initiative, following the original recipes of her mother Aida, and elaborating on this fare.

In addition to customers' appreciation, Casa Eutimio took the national Prize for Best "Cachopo" [veal, ham and cheese pastie] in 2017 with its “Cacholetus”. 

María Busta Rosales