Congreso Internacional de mujeres gastronomía y medio rural



Mayte Álvarez

Guisandera and chef at Casa Lula (Tineo, Asturias, Spain)

Mayte Álvarez went into the business because of her boyfriend, and also fell in love with a profession which her daughter must now continue.

When her parents Teresa and Pedro closed down their ice factory, they ran a fruit and vegetable warehouse and a grocery in Pravia. They were both good cooks, especially Pedro, “a master of brothy rice with chorizo or garlic soups, recipes I still can't imitate properly to this day", admits Álvarez, who set out on her culinary path after she met up with the grandson of "Lula la del Crucero", a renowned Tineo stewmistress. She was studying Economics in Oviedo but she dropped out to learn the family business of her boyfriend, who also learned the trade through his mother-in-law, Adina González.

She does not regret the change, nor does she regret the diners who fill her Casa Lula day after day. The torch will be passed on again, because daughter Blanca is now working in the business.

Mayte Álvarez