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Beatriz Villanueva Salas

Chef at Picantería Laurita Cau Cau (Arequipa, Peru)

As a manager of gastronomic cultural heritage, she works hard to protect, promote and develop Arequipa's 'picantería' cooking, alongside her colleagues in the "Sociedad Picantera de Arequipa".

Beatriz Villanueva Salas (59) was born in the traditional village of Sachaca, Arequipa, and forms part of the female lineage of three generations of 'picanteras'. The daughter of Laura Salas Rojas, she grew up among kitchens, "batán" grinders and earthenware "chombas", learning about Arequipa cuisine's secrets and tastes.

She opened her own gastronomy outlet in 2001, “Picantería Laurita Cau Cau”, by way of homage to her mother, where she keeps the secrets of the oldest recipes. She made a name for herself in Peru's culinary world, travelling to several cities to promote traditional cookery, and attending major regional and national festivals.

Incredibly, Beatriz has succeeded in conveying this material energy and emotions through her cooking. She has created her own gastronomic brand by focusing on food safety in her produce, and setting up her own environment-friendly plantation to guarantee the quality of products. She encourages the new generations to boost their Arequipa identity, and promotes healthy food on the basis of traditional parameters.

Beatriz Villanueva Salas