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Manu Buffara

Chef at Manu (Curitiba, Brazil)

As one of Latin America's leading gastronomy personalities since she was declared a "chef to watch" by The World’s 50 Best in 2018, Buffara has become a benchmark of cookery based on the "farm to table" style.

Cooking has always been a feature of Manu Buffara's home in some way or other. Born into a farming family, she has always been well aware of what territory is, and of the need to retrieve traditional crop formats and to learn from sustainable horticulture which goes hand in hand with the best nutritional practices and the fight against wastage.

With this philosophy in mind, this Brazilian chef with Lebanese and Italian origins opened Manu in Curitiba in 2011. A restaurant with contemporary gastronomy based on top-quality produce supplied directly by local outlets. 

Before she opened her own business, Buffara soaked up all this knowledge by sailing in a fishing boat around Alaska and working at restaurants such as Noma (Denmark) and Alinea (USA).

Manu Buffara